UM holds In-house Staff Training on “National Security”
No. of participants: around 60  參與人數: 約60人

In order to provide UM staff members with a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the National Security Law, the Human Resources Section of the Office of Administration organised in-house training course on national security on 9 June 2022.

Dr KONG Wa, senior instructor of the Faculty of Law, was invited to explain the necessity of implementing the National Security Law in the Macao SAR and about 60 staff members participated in the training. Dr KONG Wa shared the fundamentals of preserving national security and the composition of the national security system. He stressed the concept of “no country, no home”, and also emphasized that national sovereignty and territorial integrity were crucial for the political stability and economic development of the Macao SAR, and for the well-being of Macao residents.

The University hopes that through this training, staff will strengthen their patriotism and make contributions to preserving national security, social stability and harmony.