Debriefing Session on Post-disaster Psychological Reactions
No. of participants: 22  參與人數:22人

Typhoon Hato struck Macao on 23 August 2017, causing extensive damage throughout the city. The University held a debriefing session on post-disaster psychological reactions on 28 August to assist staff in reducing impact of stress reactions. Prof. Kay Chang and Prof. Brian James Hall from Department of Psychology of Faculty of Social Sciences were invited to share suggested ways on tackling negative mental impacts after experiencing disasters. In the sharing session led by the speakers, participants felt relieved by describing the factual and emotional aspects of their experience under the typhoon.

The University cares for the well-being of UM staff. Since 2010, the Human Resources Section has been providing UM Staff Mental Health & Development Consultation Service for staff in need. Staff Counsellors offer a variety of consultation services, such as providing mental health information, counseling on career development, self-development and family-related issues. They listen, share staff’s concerns in daily life, and help to improve their well-being.

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颱風「天鴿」於2017年8月23日吹襲澳門,造成嚴重破壞。為顧及員工的心理健康,大學於8月28日舉行災難後情緒舒緩及心理輔導講解會。是次講座由社會科學學院心理學系的曾小雅教授及Brian James Hall教授為員工講解各種減少受災後情緒困擾的方法。講座亦設有交流環節,通過與講者的互動,員工分享對颱風「天鴿」的所見所聞和感受,從而達到舒壓的效果。