Encounter the Old Days! “UM Family Fun Day – UM Hikers”!
大自然的魅力! 澳大家庭同樂日 – 澳大遠足者
No. of participants: over 25 參與人數: 逾25人


The “UM Family Fun Day – UM Hikers” was held on 27 November 2022 (Sunday), with over 25 staff and their family members participated. Participants challenged the “Coloane Seac Min Pun Ancient Path”, which is the oldest historic trail of Coloane and was the only road between Hác-Sá Village and Coloane Village in the old days.

The tour was guided by the expertise of the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) and some rare botanic species in Macao were introduced.

「澳大家庭同樂日之澳大遠足者」已於2022年11月27日(星期日)舉行,共吸引了超過25名員工及家屬參與。大家挑戰了路環最具歷史性和最古老,並於昔日串聯黑沙村與路環村的唯一道路 – 「路環石面盆古道」