UM Members Visit National Security Education Exhibition
No. of participants: over 150  參與人數: 逾150人

On 17 April 2023, the University of Macau (UM) arranged for over 150 students and staff members to visit the National Security Education Exhibition co-organised by the Macao SAR government and the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macao SAR. Led by University Council Chair, Dr. Lam Kam Seng, Acting Rector, Prof. Hui King Man, and Vice Rector (Student Affairs), Prof. Mok Kai Meng, the UM members learned more about the development of the national security system from various perspectives through the exhibition.

This year’s exhibition comprises a prologue and five thematic sections: the great successes in the country’s development; the progress – in terms of the right path taken, and advances made – in the modernisation of the national security system and its capabilities; the forging ahead efficiently – in the face of adversity – of the pursuit of national security and social stability; the progress – in terms of united and unwavering effort – in safeguarding national security; the pragmatic approach to joint development to striding forward with confidence into the future; and the passing on to the next generation of patriotism, and the effort to advance the role of patriotic forces in Macao. Through concise text, over 350 photos, and multiple videos, the exhibition shows that under the guidance of the holistic view of national security, China has made a series of new achievements. Moreover, with the strong support of the central government, the principle of ‘patriots governing Macao’ has been thoroughly implemented, facilitating social stability and economic development in Macao.

Through the exhibition, UM students and staff members gained a complete and in-depth understanding of the holistic view of national security, the latest developments of the country and Macao in improving the national security system, and the collective responsibility for safeguarding national security.