“UM Family Fun Day – Barbecue Carnival” where Staff and Family Shared Great Moments
No. of participants: over 200  參與人數:逾200人

“UM Family Fun Day – Barbecue Carnival” was held on 3 December 2017 at Student Activity Center Plaza. This event encouraged a better work-life balance and marked a special occasion for a relaxing Sunday with family. Over 200 staff and their family members joined the carnival.

The carnival featured barbecue edibles and fun sessions such as bouncy zoo castle, face painting and more, where participants had shared a sociable time with colleagues at the barbecue area and enjoyed a great family time at fun sessions. The array of performances also brought all participants a cheerful Sunday. The performances included magic show, the dancing performance by children of UM professors – Dr. Kids, the singing performance by UM students and the cycling performance by the Cycling General Association of Macau.

Here are some photos of the joyful moments to share with you.

為了讓同事能享受閒暇及與家人共度一個輕鬆愉快的週末,澳大於12月3日(星期日)在學生活動中心廣場舉行了「澳大家庭同樂日 -燒烤嘉年華」,超過200名員工及家屬參加。